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The Functional Challenge Podcast
serves a growing community of health professionals who engage in coordinated real-life challenges that drive their personal fitness and health while educating them on current concepts in functional medicine, physical rehabilitation, psychology and professional growth.


The Functional Challenge is a Community of Professionals who are Dedicated to Personal Growth, Vibrant Health, Lifelong Learning & Inspired Living.   

Many health care providers are committed to the wellbeing of the patients they serve as their primary obligation.  However, for many, this often occurs at the expense of their own health.   

In 2016, for example, a major research study on medical students’ mental health was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.  The study, which combined data from over 180 individual studies (totaling 129,000 medical students in 47 countries), found that 27 percent of medical students were depressed or had depressive symptoms; 11 percent had thoughts of suicide; and 15 percent had sought psychiatric care.    

In 2014, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine (vol 46: 237-248) reported that at least 35 percent of health care workers, both in medical offices as well as clinics and hospitals, are obese.

The American Academy of Family Physicians reports a 63% burnout rate among U.S. family physicians and that only 35% of family physicians report being satisfied with their work-life balance.

This issue hit me hard when I realized it.  I have noticed so many brilliant people who are dedicated to helping others, many of them my friends, falling prey to the pressures of their career and the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the helping professions.   


Add to this the fact that the public now has access to scientific literature, which they are using more and more to take their health into their own hands - enter the age of biohacking!  Professional healthcare providers often find themselves questioning their own purpose. 

The purpose of the Functional Challenge is to transform and save lives!  It provides health professionals with current information and the opportunity to personally benefit from the latest information in the health sciences.  

The Functional Challenge serves a community of proactive healthcare professionals and health-minded individuals through sharing the latest perspectives in human optimization.  The podcast is synchronized with community-health-and-fitness-based challenges that engage, motivate and educate through actual experience rather than instruction.

On the podcast Dr. David George hosts and guest medical experts, performance specialists and biomedical innovators as they bring you high-value, current updates from the field of functional medicine, clinical neuroscience and rehabilitation, including cutting-edge strategies for driving recovery from pain and complex injury, living longer, competing stronger and living and loving life to the extreme!