A Unique Approach to Brain-based Therapy.


Current approaches to brain rehabilitation generally focus on those regions of the brain that are associated with movement (motor systems) or sensory function (balance, sensation, vision, hearing etc) - the things are easiest to see when they go wrong.  For many sufferers of chronic symptoms, however, the problem may be in those regions of the brain that are difficult to measure and assess- the areas associated with behavior and sense of self.

One of the networks of the brain that is rarely treated is the brain's Limbic System.  This part of the brain can produce a range of debilitating symptoms including, anxiety, unstable mood, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, "brain fog", dizziness, sleep issues and a sense of feeling disconnected from self or the surrounding world.  


Neuromoda is a digital application intended to support brain rehabilitation with an emphasis in rehabilitating those regions of the brain associated with behavior, emotional regulation, connectedness with self and others, energetic resources, and response to internal and environmental stimuli.  

Neuromoda is an integrative therapy system based on current research intended to stimulate the brain, promote a sense of well-being and reduction in factors contributing to disability.  

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An interactive, brain-based therapy system.